Pistol club Range Timings:

The Pistol club shoots every 2,3,4  and 5th* Sunday of every month. The first Sunday of each month is a No Shoot.

* Where a 5th Sunday aprears in the calendar.

Wednesday afternoon weekly the range is open for practice from 1100hrs onwards.

Long-term Business

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Wildlife and Farm animals on the Range:

No wild life are to be harmed on this range. This is a target range not a hunting range. Any injured wildlife found on the range must be brought to the attention of the range officer.

It must be noted that this range is shared with grassing cattle. The front gate must remain closed at all times.

Important information:

This range is for club members only and not open to the general public. All visitors must be escorted by a club member, be made know to the Range Officer and must hold a current firearms licence. Proof of valid firearms licence will be required by all range users. Unlicensed Visitors must also be under the control of an authorised instructor before the handling any firearms. All club members and visitors must be familiar with Range Standing Orders posted at each club.  Be safe and enjoy your shooting.

Our Team

The Bega Rifle Range, that consists of a number of individual shooting clubs. Field Rifle; Shotgun; and Pistol.
Although the range facility is shared, each club is independent. Contacts for these clubs can be found on our contacts page.

Bega Valley Pistol Club